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5 Great Sites to get Free Stock Photos

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Whether it’s for your own website or a client project, stock photos can be a great help to bring any design to life. Unless you own a camera and a pristine MacBook Pro along with a DotGrid sketchbook, you will probably find yourself trying to find something suitable on the internet.

man in glasses free image resource

Trying to find a high-res professional photo that won’t cost an arm and a leg can be quite difficult. I have put together a list below of some good websites I have been told about that offer some great high-resolution images with a range of different categories. Some resources like Im Free allow you to search specifically for a subject whereas some like LifeOfPix accept submissions.


unsplash free image resource

Great image resource, promises to deliver 10 new professional photos every 10 days and has a range of different photography styles. You can also share your own photos on the website.


imfree free image resource

ImFree makes things easy by organising everything in categories as well as offering a search bar. With hundreds of professional photos you’ll hopefully be spoilt for choice!

Life of Pix

lifeofpix free image resource

Life of Pix offers free, high-resolution photography with no copyright restrictions at all for personal and commercial uses. You can also share your own photos on the website if you wish to do so.


Gratisography free image resource

Gratisography, made by the guys over at Bells Design, have put together a fantastic collection of free images for anyone to use. There isn’t a huge collection just yet but definitely worth checking back every so often!


getrefe free image resource

Getrefe has a huge collection of free to use images and because there are multiple photographers submitting their work the style varies a lot giving you more options.