Web Design

Web Design for Veda Consulting

Veda Education and Training Consultancy Ltd is an independent consultancy who needed a website designed and developed to allow administrating staff to easily update content on a regular basis.

The approach

I always try to ask the client if they have any examples of websites they’ve seen in the wild they like, coincidentally a design Veda preferred was Peak Design’s website (and this one). This presented an interesting challenge. Creating a unique design whilst holding onto the identity of the design the client originally singled out. The approach for this project involved re-exploring previous ideas I originally considered for Peak and refining them further.

Client: Cheryl Whiting
Industry: Consultancy
URL: vedaconsultancy.co.uk
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A website design to last a lifetime

An important goal for this project was to ensure that design would stand out over the client's competition whilst providing their target audience the means to find all of the information they may be looking for and/or get in touch.