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South Glos Food & Drink

The South Glos Food and Drink Festival brings together an array of culinary tastes. Providing the world of food and drink right at your doorstep.

From Design & Development to Photography

The South Glos Food & Drink Festival came to Bristol for the first time this year and with it, they brought a huge array of food and drink for everyone to enjoy. I had the opportunity to design and develop their new website as well as provide them with on the day photography.

The approach

As this was the first Food and Drink festival, there was no existing content nor media, there was only the colour scheme and logo. I had to find a unique way to present what the event was, one that would match the tone of voice that the brand already had and visuals that would inspire and intrigue the user.

The choice was made to build the website as a one page format to ensure key information could be found by the user. The administrating staff have full control over the content and sections of this design from the exhibitor list to gallery items without the risk of the layout breaking.

Client: South Glos Food & Drink
Industry: Event
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Going beyond web design to deliver a full service

Along with the web design and development, the South Glos Food and Drink team needed a hand with photos on the day without breaking the bank. As part of the proposal I attended the event armed with the Fuji X100T and venture throughout the crowds (and to sample the amazing selection of food of course).

Not only did this provide the client with a library of photos for future use but also gave me an insight on the event and potential improvements for the website.