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Perks of the job

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It’s important that in any field of work you’re currently in, you find positives to feel good about. Whether those positives are tucking away on the amazing BBQ Pulled Pork Burritos from the local Friska or a fantastic quote from a web design client from a previous project. The latter has influenced this particular blog post and I’d like to share it.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to David Pottrell for helping design my Social Paws website, although it was designed a while back he helps maintain it for me on a monthly cost effective price package.

Not only is it easy to navigate around but looks great too and when I want something changed I only need to ask! ~ Helen

I took on this web design project not too long ago for pet care and behaviour specialist, Helen at Social Paws. Her old website was built on a free template for WordPress which unfortunately didn’t offer the freedom and editing capabilities she needed. The website also, although rich with content, performed poorly with regards to SEO, something that definitely needed addressing.

Skipping ahead a few months, the new website has been live for awhile now and has jumped to page one of Google for the majority of Helen’s ideal search terms. It’s been an absolute joy seeing Helen using the website and watching her business grow even further.

So to you Helen, thank you for giving me this positive feedback, I wish you and Social Paws all the luck and I look forward to working with you for many months/years to come 🙂

– As a side note, if anyone is near to Cheltenham and is looking for any guidance regarding pet care, I definitely recommend Social Paws 😉