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New jQuery & PHP Contact Form

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After four years of busy developing I’ve finally had some time to modernise EasyForm – my own jQuery and PHP contact form. Last updated in 2014 the latest update brings all the code up to date and improves the validation rules.

You can check out the details over at CodeCanyon: https://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-and-php-powered-easy-contact-form/5081183 

Some core features include:

  • jQuery animation for validation rules
  • Smart validation so no page reload! Saves bandwidth.
  • PHP validation if the user has JavaScript disabled the form will still validate.
  • Field specific validation, phone requires numbers, email requires a valid email format etc.
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Anti spam measures (captcha) to deter spam emails. Easy to read.
  • Very easy to implement into an existing HTML or PHP web page. ‘Plug in and Play’ – Simply change the email address and place on your page.
  • Thank you message animation on submission.
  • Error message animation without reloading the page on submission attempt.
  • Customise the HTML email message that is sent
  • User support where possible

New features to come soon (sooner than four more years…)