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A smarter responsive mobile navigation

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It seems a lot of web developers and designers aren’t too happy with the standard hamburger style menu solution. I wish I could tell you I’ve found a better method but honest, I haven’t, sorry.

What I have done though, alongside Yoto Creative, is develop a smarter way of displaying a navigation to users. Usually you’ll find the navigation in the top-right section of your page, on tablet and mobile we also find this because the navigation becomes hidden and replaced by the hamburger icon.

This is fine, on desktop at least – but on mobile and tablet you may find you’re having to stretch your thumb to reach the navigation. So what if we moved it to be a little more accessible?

See the Pen The User’s Responsive Menu by Yoto Creative (@yotocreative) on CodePen.

Although it’s still technically a hamburger menu solution, I believe it serves the user better especially when on a larger screen.

It still has room for improvements but I think it’s a nicer ‘tweak’ to the mobile navigation.

You can read more about it on the Yoto Creative blog Please do let me know your thoughts via twitter